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Air Purifier Cartoons by Allergy Cosmos

Here is a collection of air purifier cartoons about some of the key issues to look out for when buying an air purifier.

Please feel free to add these air purifier cartoons to your website, blog, Facebook page, etc. as long as you use the embeded code and recognise Allergy Cosmos as the author. You can find the code you will need to embed the air purifier cartoon into your site below each cartoon.

Air Purifier Cartoon - Reverse Engineered

Ever wondered why some air purifiers and air cleaners simply do not seem to work? Chances are that the sciences do not add up and that the product was poorly reverse engineered.

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Air Purifier Cartoon - Sticks and Stones Filter

Manufacturers like to make big claims about the air purifiers they are producing. The air purifier industry is, however, poorly regulated and most home appliance testing companies do not know how to properly test air cleaners. So be careful with the claims manufacturers are making and try to find reviews from proper industry expert companies.

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Air Purifier Cartoon - False Endorsements

When other funding sources dry up, providing endorsments can be an easy way to raise money. Unfortunately, comparing air cleaners is much more complex and complicated than comparing steam cleaners, baby food and bedding. 

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Air Purifier Cartoon - Recently on an Airplane

Ionisation can be a useful part of certain air purification processes. We do not recommend to use ionisation without the use of a high efficiency mechanical filter. 

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Air Purifier Cartoon - Wrong Technology

Some companies outsource the development of products such as air purifiers. The problem is, however, that they often end up buying something they do not understand themselves.  

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Air Purifier Cartoon - Air Purifier Marketing Jungle

The marketing clamour in the air purifier industry is loud and persistent. Make sure to seperate fact from fiction.

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