Sun Burn Therapy Gel

Although it may not look like it right now, summer is right around the corner!

And with summer comes a lot more time spent outdoors enjoying the sun; thus increasing the risk of sunburn.

It is of vital importance, therefore, that after a glorious day outdoors, you soothe, nourish and replenish your dry, sunburned skin.
IceBlock Sun Burn Therapy Gel from Allersearch is specially formulated to soothe, heal and protect. The gel is a non-sticky, hydrating formula that delays peeling skin and accelerates skin regeneration immediately after use.

Made with Aloe Vera, the IceBlock Sun Burn Therapy Gel helps to draw heat away from the skin to instantly cool and soothe on contact while moisturising to help reduce dryness. It also includes Vitamin E and Shea Butter that help in promoting vital dermal repair.

The IceBlock Sun Burn Therapy Gel is a pure and natural formula that can also be used to cool and soothe irritated and dry, burnt skin that isn’t as a direct consequence of over exposure to the sun.

The IceBlock Sun Burn Therapy Gel is Allergist Recommended and free of formaldehydes, lanolins, fragrances, dyes and parabens.