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Commercial Air Filtration

Commercial Air Filtration is the UK expert in airborne contamination and infection control. We provide effective solutions to manage a broad range of particulate, chemical, gaseous and odour contamination.

Our solutions are extremely versatile and have helped hospitals to reduce the viral contamination regarding COVID in the ambient air, quickly and cost efficiently set up COVID assessment pots, repurposed hospital rooms, reduce fallow time, reduce air-to-surface contamination of MRSA, help schools to create healthier classrooms, and improved both the comfort and dignity of care home residents.

We work with hospitals, science laboratories, dentists, nurseries, hotels, health clubs, cruise ships, and offices both across the UK and globally. We have a scientific approach to airborne contamination control and only install solutions that are individually tested, certified and guaranteed to perform as promised.

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Commercial Air Filtration - IQAir CleanZone Series