bdta dental showcaseMembers of Commercial Air Filtration's team presented the latest range of dentist air cleaning solutions to dental professionals at the British Dental Trade Association (BDTA) Showcase.

The BDTA Showcase is one of the key events in dentistry. It brings together some 20,000+ dental professionals to discover new technologies, meet with suppliers and manufacturers and learn about new advancements and technologies.

Commercial Air Filtration was on-hand to advise dental professionals on matters of airborne infection control, as well as to provide demonstrations, showing how effective the dental air cleaning solutions available are.  Visitors were able to see just how clean the air coming out of the systems is: virtually free of any particulate contamination such as viruses and bacteria.

The lectures we gave were well received and provided the opportunity for us to share our knowledge about air filtration in the dental office with a wide range of dental professionals, including dentists, surgeons, practice managers and other support staff.  Meeting dental offices air hygiene needs is important for the protection of the dentist and dental team, as well as the patients.  Proper air filtration is an essential part of everyday infection control procedures.

Although in smaller numbers, there were also many dental technicians and dental laboratory owners present at the BDTA Showcase; many of whom are already our customers, so it was nice to see them again and chat about their work and experiences.

Dentists often address the issue of exposure to mercury vapours during amalgam removals.  The number of amalgam removals is on the rise, with some dentists reporting removing ten or more in a day.  Perhaps there is also a knock-on effect from the BDA's announcement to phase out the use of amalgam in dentistry over the coming years?

The show was a great experience for us and we were happy to answer all the question from dental professionals about air filtration in a dental office environment.

Commercial Air Filtration frequently provides professional learning opportunities to organisations.  This is often achieved through lectures, talks and/or workshops.  To find out more, contact Commercial Air Filtration on 020 3176 0524, or email us today.