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Customer Testimonials

Commercial Air Filtration works with leading organisations and businesses in the UK.  From NHS hospitals to the BBC and Government Organisations, our systems are relied upon to protect people, work processes and to ensure legal compliance.  Here you will find a selection of our customers who are happy to share their experience of us and our systems with you.

Battersea Road Nursery

"What convinced us was that not only do Commercial Air Filtration's system's capture viruses, bacteria and mould as well as unpleasant odours, but they also enabled us to ventilate the cot room with perfectly clean air. The air in the cot room is now noticeably fresher and a much better environment for our infants. We are very happy with these solutions and we are sure our young ones are too!"

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Hedonism Wines

"It has been great working with Commercial Air Filtration: they have been helpful and instructive at every stage ensuring that a potentially difficult subject is easy to understand. The IQAir GCX air cleaning systems are straightforward to install and use and have done exactly what we needed in a fuss-free, unobtrusive manner. The after sales service is quick, friendly and efficient I am happy to recommend them."

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North London Nail Salon

"The sales person we spoke to at Commercial Air Filtration was very knowledgeable and took the time to properly understand our requirements. The difference in air quality was easy to notice. We could never have imagined that such a small system could produce such big results. We highly recommend this system to other nail salons."

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Robert Zagar & Associates

"I invested in an IQAir HealthPro 150 System and its effect was immediate. Both I and my patients became aware of how clean and fresh the room became. My cleaner also remarked that the dust and fine ash from the moxa had significantly reduced. This clear, fresh feeling continues to remain two years later. I highly recommend this system."

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University College London

"We needed a solution to our raised solvent fume levels and asked Commercial Air Filtration to help us. They supplied us with an IQAir GCX air filtration system which does the job very well: our solvent fume levels are now low and safe. Commercial Air Filtration also provides an exceptional after sales service. We highly recommend them to any laboratory wishing to address an air contamination concern."

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