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Air Purification for Hedonism Wines

Protection from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Wine Case Storage Boxes


Hedonism Wines is one of the world's premier wine boutiques, with an astonishing selection of some 5,500 wines and 2,000 spirits.  Many of these wines and spirits are supplied in wooden boxes, which are often treated with a sealant to protect against moisture and staining.  The sealant can contain Volatile Organic Compounds.  Volatile Organic Compounds are organic chemicals, which are often identified by their sweet smell and ease of sublimation (the transition of a substance from solid to gas, without passing through an intermediate liquid stage).  Reducing airborne Volatile Organic Compounds represents best practice and is in-line with UK workplace safety regulations.

Hedonism Wines already has an impressive ventilation system in the main shop area, which helps to ensure a clean and healthy environment for customers and staff alike. However, in the wine and spirit storage area where there is a much higher concentration of wine and spirit boxes, the existing system was unable to achieve the same level of air quality enjoyed in the main shop area. With ventilation systems presenting a challenge to upgrade once installed, a solution needed to be found that reinforced the existing system, while not being disruptive to customers and to the business.

Hedonism Wines GCX VOC

Testimonial from Paul Rowland, Operations Manager

"It has been great working with Commercial Air Filtration: they have been helpful and instructive at every stage ensuring that a potentially difficult subject is easy to understand. The IQAir GCX air cleaning systems are straightforward to install and use and have done exactly what we needed in a fuss-free, unobtrusive manner. The after sales service is quick, friendly and efficient I am happy to recommend them."

What we did...

An expert from Commercial Air Filtration met with Hedonism Wine's maintenance team to better understand the environment and to identify potential areas where the air cleaning systems could be located and how many would be required. Given the size of the storage area and kind of work being undertaken, which meant that noise levels were not so much of an issue, it was determined that two IQAir GCX air cleaning systems running at a fan speed setting of 5 would achieve the required number of air exchanges per hour at an acceptable volume level. With floor space at a premium, the IQAir VMF vertical mount fixture kit was recommended.

Controlling Volatile Organic Compounds requires specialist media and a sufficient quantity of it to ensure long-term and effective performance. For this reason, the IQAir GCX VOC media option was selected, which contains 7.8kg of non-impregnated extruded granular carbon.

The IQAir VMF vertical mount fixture kit was fitted in moments by Hedonism Wine's maintenance team, with an engineer from Commercial Air Filtration on-site to provide assistance if required. Once the two VMF vertical mount fixture kits were fitted, the engineer from Commercial Air Filtration installed the IQAir GCX air cleaners. Part of this included physically mounting the air cleaners, as well as configuring the control panel. The control panel enables the automatic timer function and can be used either to turn the air cleaner on and off according to day and time or to alter the fan speed setting according to time. In this instance, the timer function was set to run the IQAir GCX at a setting of 5 during the day, and 2 at night: thus providing continual protection, whilst extending the life of the filters and not relying on daily user intervention.

IQAir HealthPro GCX VOC

IQAir GCX ChemiSorber

The IQAir GCX VOC air cleaner is the most effective high-performance air purification solution in its class for the control of organic chemical compounds, in addition to particulates, nano-pollution and microorganisms. The IQAir GCX VOC enables the targeted control of chemicals such as benzene, bromine, dimethylamine, ethyl acetate, hexane, methanol, ozone, phenol, toluene, turpentine and xylene.

- Best in class control of chemicals, gases and odours (can also be fitted with alternative carbon media for the control of other chemicals and odours).
- HEPA class H11 filtration - individually certified and guaranteed at 0.3 microns.
- Small-form-factor, zero fan maintenance and simple to use.
- Exceptional value for money and compatible with a wide range of IQAir accessories for added versatility.

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