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Air Purification for UCL Research Laboratories

Protection from Formaldehyde in Tissue Processing Room


Tissue processing machines are standard items of hardware in many research laboratories, and especially histology laboratories. Tissue processing machines remove water from tissues and replace it with a medium that solidifies and allows thin sections of tissue to be cut for processing. One of the most common mediums (or fixatives) is formaldehyde or formalin in its water based form.

The challenge that histology laboratories face is protecting staff from formaldehyde fumes, released by processing machines. While some processing machine manufacturers incorporate some kind of filtration system, others do not. Even those processing machines that do, are unable to protect employees when the machines are opened. Employee exposure to formaldehyde should be avoided, because of the negative health effects associated with formaldehyde contact. COSHH guidelines also exist and regular assessments should be undertaken.

University College London GCX ChemiSorber

Testimonial from Robert Cortney, Head of Department

"We needed a solution to our raised formaldehyde solvent fume levels and asked Commercial Air Filtration to help us. They supplied us with an IQAir GCX air filtration system which does the job very well: our solvent fume levels are now low and safe. Commercial Air Filtration also provides an exceptional after sales service. We highly recommend them to any laboratory wishing to address an air contamination concern in a safe and effective manner."

What we did...

This project was actually completed very quickly, thanks to a member of the UCL research team identifying that an IQAir system would be the best choice for the environment. Upon assessing the size of the laboratory and confirming that formaldehyde was the only chemical contaminant to be removed, the ChemiSorber was identified as the best choice. While the IQAir GCX ChemiSorber is easy to set up, UCL asked us to perform the setup for them. One of Commercial Air Filtration's engineers attended the site and set up the system in less than 10 minutes. A particle scan was undertaken to verify the system's performance guarantee.

IQAir HealthPro GCX ChemiSorber

IQAir GCX ChemiSorber

The IQAir GCX ChemiSorber is the most effective small form factor air filtration system for chemicals, gases and odours. The GCX with ChemiSorber media will capture a broad range of chemical pollutants including many lower molecular aldehydes (e.g. formaldehyde) and organic acids (e.g. acrylic acid, acetic acid), sulphuric oxides (e.g. sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide) and nitrogen oxides (e.g. nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide) and more. The ChemiSorber is used by leading research laboratories in the UK and abroad.

- Powerful chemical, gas and odour removal - can be targeted using different media blends.
- HEPA H11 class filtration - certified and guaranteed at 0.3 microns.
- Small form factor, little maintenance and easy to use.
- Better value for money and easier to use than comparable fume cupboards.

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