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Nursery Air Cleaning Solutions

Commercial Air Filtration works closely with nurseries to create clean and safe environments for children. We do this by reducing children's exposure to pollution, germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens, chemicals and odours.

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Cleaner, Healthier Air for Nurseries, Kindergartens & Pre-Schools

Some of the more common effects of air pollution include:

- Children are frequently ill due to overexposure to germs, viruses and bacteria
- Children develop allergies such as asthma, because of exposure to traffic pollution
- Children with allergies are sick more often, are required to take medication and develop at a slower pace due to extended periods of illness

Providing children with clean air promotes their well being, reduces sickness and improves their performance.

Key Concerns


Nurseries located in polluted cities and near to main roads are exposing their children to elevated pollution levels, especially ultra-fine PM2.5 air pollution (which is so small that it can cross from the lungs and into the bloodstream). There is strong evidence supporting the link between pollution and the development of childhood asthma. Using an effective air purifier that is proven to remove these contaminants is recommended.


Children suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma or hay fever must be supported to ensure development on par with their peers. We can work with you to develop allergen-free nurseries.


While limited exposure to infection is good for a child's immune system, it is disruptive to their development and their parent's work when children are overexposed. Removing airborne infection before it is inhaled is a crucial step to reducing a child's overexposure to germs.


Ensuring floors, tables, books, toys and the many other surfaces in nurseries are clean is a significant part of infection control, but it does not address the airborne infection. We can show you how we can remove airborne infection using the same technology as hospitals.


From nappy smells to cooking - there is an abundance of smells that prove challenging for nurseries to remove. Rather than mask smells with other – often toxic – smells, Commercial Air Filtration recommends air cleaners that remove odour pollution from the air, and anti-allergen cleaning products that effectively remove odour pollution from the source.


Air Purification

If the source of air pollution cannot be removed in the nursery, then the best way to remove pollution is by deploying an effective air filtration solution that meets with your needs. Our air filtration solutions can be configured in a number of ways, to help manage things like space, air temperature, airflow and removal of different kinds of pollution.

Anti-Allergen Cleaning Products

A child's breathing zone is naturally much closer to the floor. Unfortunately, air pollution can be at its most concentrated closer to the ground. Scientists have shown that children could be breathing the equivalent of four cigarettes every day because of this. Our anti-allergen products are not only effective cleaners but remove – not mask – allergens.


What does OFSTED recommend?

OFSTED’s "Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage" states that children learn best when they are in a healthy environment and one that promotes their safety. The more a nursery does to promote this, the higher the rating. Removing pollution from the air promotes their health and safety.

How do I know your solutions will help our children?

Our solutions are individually tested, certified and guaranteed to remove at least 99% of all airborne particulate contamination that are 0.3 microns in size. This means that virtually all airborne contamination from bacteria-to-viruses and traffic pollution such as PM2.5 is removed.

Is there a lot of maintenance? High running costs?

Our air purifiers are maintenance free, with the exception of changing the filters. Filter changes are user-friendly and take minutes to do, however, we do also offer a filter replacement service for a completely outsourced solution. Filters can last up to 3 years.

Our air purifiers are also energy efficient. Typically electricity costs are less than £25 per annum, per air purifier.

Next Steps

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Commercial Air Filtration offers both purchase and leasing options to nurseries to help control air pollution. Call or email us to find out more and how you and your children can start benefitting from cleaner, healthier air.


IQAir HealthPro 250

IQAir HealthPro 250

The IQAir HealthPro 250 bridges both consumer and business environments. The HealthPro 250 uses medical grade filters and is effective at removing low-level concentrations of chemicals and odours. The HealthPro is an ideal choice as an all-around air pollution control device for smaller rooms in the nursery. The unit can be configured to bring in the clean, fresh air and is mobile.

IQAir GCX SeriesIQAir GCX Series

The IQAir GCX Series has four different gas filtration configurations, which allow you to target specific issues such as nappy and cooking smells, VOCs from building work and chemicals from traffic pollution. The GCX is also extremely effective at removing infections. The GCX’s larger size also enables it to perform more air changes per hour, resulting in a cleaner nursery. The IQAir GCX is also mobile.

IQAir GCX Series

IQAir CleanZone SeriesIQAir CleanZone

The IQAir CleanZone is IQAir’s most powerful air filtration system, designed to be used in larger nursery rooms. The CleanZone is extremely quiet and as with the GCX series, can be configured with different media options to manage different situations. The CleanZone is extremely versatile and can even be integrated within an HVAC system. This is the ultimate in nursery air pollution control.

IQAir CleanZone Series

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