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Gym & Spa Air Cleaning Solutions

Sports clubs, gymnasiums, and spas have for many, become an important part of their lives, both socially and for health reasons. Users who come to health and fitness centres vary considerably in both age and ability. Some look to achieve physical sporting excellence and others to maintain their sense of well-being.

Health centres and spas can benefit greatly from achieving and maintaining the highest possible airborne hygiene standards. Air quality that is free of pollution, odours, and bacteria is a requirement that is appreciated by all. For those who suffer from allergens including asthma or those looking to achieve high personal standards of performance, there will be a greater incentive.

Commercial Air Filtration offers the industry-leading airborne infection control systems and assists health & fitness centres to meet their air purification requirements. Our partnership with the industry leading manufacturers of air cleaning systems, allows us to offer the most advanced devices for the control of airborne chemical and particle contamination.

Clean air quality has become an accepted procedure both for health and of sporting excellence. Apart from being used in medical institutions throughout the world, IQAir was chosen by the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) to provide air purification for US athletes at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. IQAir was also chosen by USA Cycling to provide ultra-high efficiency air cleaning to team members during the Olympics. Others include the world-renowned gymnast Yewki Tomita who uses the IQAir air filtration systems as a part of his health and fitness programme.

But, improved air quality not only helps to provide a healthier, fitter and more pleasant environment, it also makes economic sense by widening a clubs appeal to cater to specific groups and requirements and prevents damage to the building's interior decor:

  • Clubs commitment to members achieving their fitness goals
  • More attractive environment to new members, existing users and staff
  • Benefits to users with respiratory problems and allergens including asthma
  • Those seeking to achieve sporting excellence
  • Elimination of human and disinfectant odours
  • Reduction in building interior degradation such as mould growth and gaseous chemical corrosion to building’s internal decor

Air Quality Requirements

Unpleasant Odours

Unpleasant odours in many forms are almost inevitable in spa & fitness centres. Personal hygiene matters and powerful cleaning agents used throughout the premises can together lead to an unpleasant experience and an overall impression that hygiene standards are compromised.

Ammonia is perhaps the single most prominent odour and one which carries many connotations. It has a strong, pungent odour that is easily recognisable in cleaning products, urine, and human sweat. Prolonged exposure to gaseous ammonia can result in lung damage.

Airborne Infection (Micro-Organisms)

The most visible evidence of micro-organisms in spas & fitness centres is mould growth where warm air and humidity combined. Invisible micro-organisms are those that cause infectious diseases, spread readily to other users and cause outbreaks. The viruses that are responsible for colds and influenza are found in saliva and sputum. Coughing or sneezing near another person may pass on these viruses in the droplets or aerosols produced which may remain airborne for many hours.

Disinfectants (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects

Spas, gymnasiums and sports clubs utilise many chemical disinfectants and general cleaning agents. These agents give off gaseous odours (VOCs). While eliminating viruses, germs and fungal spores, they often contain toxic agents such as aldehydes (formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde) or phenol. Continuous low-dose exposure to aldehyde may lead to chronic toxic effects. Symptoms can vary (nausea, impairment of the memory, motivation, dexterity or reactivity). Less toxic compounds such as isopropanol, ethanol and n-propanol can cause irritation of the respiratory tract and the mucous membranes. Disinfectant odours are the only indication that unhealthy pollutants are present.

Air Filtration Solutions for Gyms & Spas

Manufactured in Switzerland the IQAir CleanZone and GCX Series have been specially developed to deal with the type of airborne contaminants found in sports and health clubs. IQAir has been the market leader for performance-driven air filtration units for over 40 years. Every IQAir Air Cleaner is individually tested, guaranteed and certified to have a filtration efficiency of 99% on all particles larger than 0.3 microns.

  • Removes pungent odours
  • Removes virtually all airborne bacteria and viruses
  • HEPA filtration for removal of particulates
  • Ultra quiet operation on low settings
  • Highly Portable. Equipped with castors or can be wall or ceiling mounted
  • Customisable to control almost any gaseous and odorous pollutants
  • Filters last from 18 months to 3 years
  • Reliable, low maintenance
  • Plug-in-and-go, user-friendly operation
  • Systems available for retrofitting into existing HVAC systems

IQAir GCX Series

IQAir GCX Air Cleaner

The IQAir GCX AM is a reliable and efficient air cleaner and ideal for the filtration of pungent odours such as ammonia and ozone elimination. The filtration system maximises ammonia filtration with its advanced impregnated carbon filter cartridge design. In addition to odours, the IQAir GCX AM also offers excellent filtration for particles. With its high and consistent filtration rate as well as the low-maintenance, mobility and ease of use, the performance capabilities of its components make it ideal for cardiovascular work-out zones and area with high detergent use.

IQAir GCX Air Cleaner

IQAir CleanZone Series

IQAir CleanZone Series

The CleanZone is the newest generation air purifier by the world's leading manufacturer - IQAir. This model is the highest efficiency and air-flow rate on the market and can be used as either floor, wall or ceiling mounted. Alternatively, it can also be fitted as part of an existing air conditioning or heating ventilation system. The CleanZone air purifier can move large quantities of air at extremely low noise levels. This air filtration system is ideally suited for use in larger spaces.

IQAir CleanZone Series

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