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IQAir OutFlow

The IQAir OutFlow is a ducting adaptor which enables an IQAir Air Filtration unit to be used to create a negative or a positive pressure environment with minimal building works.

The IQAir Outflow ensures that any air from the negative pressure isolation room has been filtered and therefore is clean before extraction. When used in a positive pressure environment, it ensures the air entering the isolation room is free from contamination.

The IQAir OutFlow is used to create cleanroom areas in hospitals, laboratories and manufacturing operations where either a positive or negative pressure environment is required.

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Cleanroom and Clean Area
Emission Control
Pressure Differentials Applications

Cleanroom and Clean Areas

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With the IQAir OutFlow, to create a positive pressure isolation area the air filtration unit is positioned outside the clean area or cleanroom, saving valuable space and reducing noise exposure.

The IQAir Outflow pushes filtered air through a mesh grille into a clean room while the air purifier sits outside in an adjoining internal area. Bringing in the air at room temperature, no effect is made on a building’s heating and cooling system.

Negative pressure isolation rooms used for infection control can be enabled by placing the filtration unit in the area, ducting clean air to an external space.

Each of these setups eliminates any potential for ducting leakage, making the IQAir Outflow suitable even for certified cleanroom applications.

Emission Control

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Environmental legislation limits the emission of polluted air to the outdoors. The IQAir OutFlow filters air before it is exhausted in order to help businesses meet environmental emission standards.

Pressure Differentials

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The IQAir OutFlow enables the creation of pressure differentials between different areas. Negative pressure areas contain pollutants within an isolation area. Positive pressure protects a clean environment from the uncontrolled infiltration of airborne contaminants from polluted areas.


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The IQAir OutFlow used together with an IQAir high-performance air filtration unit can be used to:

  • Create clean areas
  • Deliver filtered air into cleanrooms
  • Clean contaminated air prior to release in the environment
  • Create negative pressure areas
  • Create positive pressure areas


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The IQAir OutFlow easily modifies IQAir stand-alone filtration units. Simply replace the top module of any standard IQAir filtration unit with the TopFlow adapter. The ducting, wall tube and vent require simply a 132mm opening in a wall or window.

The IQAir OutFlow also includes a damper and a protective mesh grille which prevents backdrafts and entry of coarse particles when the system is not in use.

The large 125mm diameter ducting ensures low air resistance. The aluminium duct may be freely flexed to allow control over the desired vent location. It is expandable in length from 250mm in its original compressed state to 1000mm when fully extended.

IQAir Compatibility

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Compatible with all IQAir Cleanroom, HealthPro, GC and GCX filtration devices and accessories.