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IQAir PF40 Coarse Dust Pre-Filter

The IQAir PF40 coarse dust pre-filter should be used in environments with elevated levels of coarse dust. We frequently recommend the PF40 for construction and renovation work, as well as workshops and manufacturing processes, and on occasion dental laboratories where particulate levels are especially high.

The IQAir PF40 works by adding an additional layer of defence before the PreMax/Pre-Filter stage in the IQAir Cleanroom, Dental Series, GC Series, GCX Series, Allergen Series and HealthPro Series. It is easy to fit and unlike other IQAir filters, can be washed - thus extending the life of the PF40 filters and the following IQAir filters.

Technical Specifications

Filter Pad
Non-woven synthetic 1/2" (17 mm) thick filter pad
Filter area: 155 sq. inches (0.1 m)
ASHRAE efficiency: approx.40%
IQAir Compatibility
Not compatible with the accessories: FlexVac, VM FlexVac and InFlowW125

IQAir PF40 Coarse Dust PreFilter

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