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IQAir VM FlexVac

The IQAir Vertical Mount (VM) FlexVac kit converts the IQAir GC, GCX, Cleanroom, Dental and HealthPro Series into a self-contained extraction at source air pollution control system, which will capture virtually all air pollution at the source, thus protecting employees and preventing contamination of the general air space. The IQAir VM FlexVac is beneficial for a wide range of environments and requirements, for example, laboratories, hospitals, dental laboratories, nail salons, cleanrooms, electronics, construction and manufacturing.

IQAir VM FlexVac Specifications

IQAir VM FlexVac

The FlexVac is such an effective addition to IQAir's range of air cleaning systems because of its:

Reach – the IQAir VM FlexVac can reach up to 170cm across.
Manoeuvrability – the IQAir VM FlexVac duct can be bent, twisted and turned into virtually any position and once there, will remain in place until repositioned.
Stability – the IQAir VM FlexVac is superior to conventional suction ducts, due to higher quality materials and Swiss design.
Suction power – the IQAir VM FlexVac will only reduce the airflow of the IQAir system being used by 10-30%. With IQAir systems already providing the best levels of airflow, this means air velocities of over 25mph can be achieved.
Durability – the IQAir VM FlexVac is made from interlocking, shatterproof and chemically resistant polypropylene (PP), which is flame retardant, resists abrasion and withstands temperatures from -28 oC to 93oC.
Ease of use – the IQAir VM FlexVac is entirely self-contained and incredibly easy and simple to use. This saves money, time and energy.
Easy to maintain – the IQAir FlexVac can be dismantled in minutes and is very easy to clean.

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