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IQAir Dental Series Air Cleaners

Infection Control & Chemical Protection for Dentists

Dentists use the IQAir Dental Series to safely and effectively remove toxic chemicals such as mercury, as well as aerosols, micro-organisms and allergens. Doing so improves air quality for dental health workers and patients and as studies have shown, reduces the risk of cross-contamination and infection.

IQAir Dental Series:

IQAir Dental Series with FlexVac

The IQAir Dental Series can either be configured to target mercury vapour contamination or a broader range of chemical contaminants including mercury. The Dental Series can be wall mounted, fitted with a FlexVac duct to remove contamination from the patient's mouth or configured to create positive pressure isolation. These options make the Dental Series incredibly flexible and suitable for dentists operating in virtually any environment.

IQAir Dental Pro

IQAir Dental Pro

The Dental Pro is designed to remove a broad range of chemical contamination, in addition to mercury vapours. It is our most popular solution for dentists.IQAir Dental Pro

IQAir Dental Hg & FlexVac

IQAir Dental Hg & FlexVac

The Dental Hg focuses on the safe and effective removal of mercury vapours. It is commonly used in combination with the FlexVac accessory.IQAir Dental Hg & FlexVac

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