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IQAir Dental Hg & FlexVac

Infection Control & Targeted Mercury Removal for Dentists

The Dental Hg is predominantly used by dentists who remove significant quantities of amalgam to protect both themselves, their staff and their patients from toxic mercury vapours. The Dental Hg is most commonly used with the FlexVac attachment. The FlexVac allows the dentist to position a suction duct close to the patient's mouth, which has been shown to capture and remove virtually all mercury contamination.

IQAir Dental Hg & FlexVac

Each Dental Hg is individually tested, certified and guaranteed to remove at least 99% of all particulate, aerosol, allergen and micro-organism pollution 0.3 microns and larger. The Dental Hg is simple to use and requires no maintenance aside from filter changes. Each Dental Hg is designed and manufactured exclusively in Switzerland.

Chemical Media Spectrum

A selection of chemicals filtered by the Dental Hg is shown below.

- Mercury

Filtration Stages

IQAir Dental Hg Filtration Stages

The Dental Hg achieves its filtration efficiencies over three filtration stages. 1. Dental Hg Pre-Filter H11 (S)
Removes particulate contamination before it can reach the activated carbon stage, thus extending the filter life. 2. Dental Hg Filter Cartridge Set
5kg of the highest grade granular impregnated activated carbon (AC/4-S) is housed in four cylindrical shaped cartridges. The large surface area of the cartridges and cylindrical shape promotes high system efficiency 3. Dental Hg Post-Filter Sleeve Set
The final stage of the three filtration stages adds another HEPA class filter, which stops particles produced as a by-product of stage 2, being release by the system.



99% for particles≥ 0.3 micron (μm)

Airflow Rate:

Speed 1 - 50 m3/h

Speed 2 - 90 m3/h

Speed 3 - 150 m3/h

Speed 4 - 220 m3/h

Speed 5 - 280 m3/h

Speed 6 - 400 m3/h

Room Size:

Up to: 180m3

Noise Level:

LPA =22-57 dB(A) / LWA = 32-67 dB(A)


71 x 38 x 41 cm

Power Usage:

20 to 135 watts



Filter Service Life:

Dental Hg HEPA H11 Class Pre-Filter: 6-12 months

Dental Hg Filter: 12-24 months

Dental Hg Post Filter: 12-24 months

Part Codes

IQAir Dental Hg Air Purifier (Includes Filters)


IQAir Dental Hg HEPA H11 Class Pre-Filter (S)

102 10 12 00

IQAir Dental Hg Filter Cartridge Set

102 40 12 00

IQAir GC Post Filter Sleeve Set

102 50 10 00

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