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Top Customer Questions for the IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier

Will the IQAir GC MultiGas help me to capture chemicals and dust particles?

The IQAir GC MultiGas will capture a broad spectrum of chemicals, including those nail salons are most at risk from. For example: acetone, acetonitrile, butyl acetate, camphor, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), ethyl acetate, ethyl methacrylate (EMA), formaldehyde, isopropyl acetate, methacrylic acid, methyl methacrylate (MMA), terpenes, toluene, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and xylene.

The IQAir GC MultiGas will also capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, with a minimum efficiency of 99%: Guaranteed!

How big is the IQAir GC MultiGas?

71cm x 41cm x 38cm.

What if I don't have much floor space available for the IQAir GC MultiGas?

All IQAir air purifiers can be wall-mounted, which is easy to do and inexpensive.

Is the IQAir GC MultiGas easy to setup and use?

Yes, very much so. You could be using your IQAir GC within moments of unpackaging. IQAir systems are simple to setup and easy to use.

Is the IQAir GC MultiGas noisy?

At the lowest settings the IQAir GC MultiGas is almost silent (22 dB(A)), while at the highest "boost clean" setting there is around 57 dB(A) of sound pressure. Most nail salons are happy running the system on a setting of 4, which produces only 47 dB(A) of sound pressure.

How long do the filters for the IQAir GC MultiGas last?

There are 3 filters. Estimated filter life under average conditions is 1 year for the pre-filter, 2 years for the carbon filter and 2 years for the filter sleeve. Average conditions means using the system for 12 hours per day, on a middle fan speed setting and with average pollution levels.

Do I have to remember to turn the IQAir GC MultiGas on and off every day?

Not at all. The IQAir GC MultiGas can be used with the automatic timer function, which can turn on or off the IQAir GC MultiGas according to time and day. It also controls the fan speed setting.

How easy is it to move the IQAir GC MultiGas?

The IQAir GC MultiGas comes with casters, so it's very easy to move around if you needed to.

What size nail salon is the IQAir GC MultiGas suitable for?

A single IQAir GC MultiGas is usually suitable for nail salons up to 110m3 (usually 40-50m2), where it will achieve a minimum of 2 complete air exchanges each hour on a fan speed setting of 4. If your nail salon is bigger, then we can recommend a larger air purifier or you could use multiple units.

How much does the IQAir GC MultiGas cost?

The price of the IQAir GC MultiGas is £999.17 + VAT, but we offer free next-day delivery to all nail salons. We do have cheaper air purifiers if you have less of an issue with chemicals. Call us to find out more - 020 3051 7826, or email: