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IQAir GCX Series Air Cleaners

IQAir GCX Series Air CleanersThe IQAir GCX series is the air cleaner range specifically designed for the effective control of chemicals, gases and odour contamination.

The IQAir GCX air filtration units can be specified to control either a broad range of gas and chemical contaminants or a specific group of pollutants.

Each IQAir GCX air filtration unit is fitted with a HEPA H11 pre-filter in addition to the high quality activated gas and chemical filtration media, capturing and retaining coarse and fine particulate contamination.

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IQAir GCX Series

The GCX Series is used in commercial environments where gas contamination is the primary concern (that said, it will also remove at least 99% of all particulate pollution 0.3 microns and larger). For example science laboratories, manufacturing facilities, offices, printing companies and nail salons.

The GCX is available with four different chemical and odour filters. Which one is most suitable for you, depends on what you want to remove from the air. Additionally, the GCX can be customised for different requirements, and can for example be wall mounted or configured to create positive/negative pressure environments.

IQAir GCX Series Air Purifier Options:

There are four different models of the IQAir GCX Air Purifier. The GCX MultiGas, VOC, Chemisorber and AM. The sole difference between each model is the type and quantity of chemical and odour filtration media.

IQAir GCX MultiGas

The first choice when dealing with a broad range of known and unknown chemical contaminants:IQAir GCX MultiGas



The volatile organic compound (VOC) specialist uses 7.8kg of granular activated carbon:IQAir GCX VOC

IQAir GCX Chemisorber

IQAir GCX ChemiSorber

Targeted removal of formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, sulfur dioxide and more:IQAir GCX ChemiSorber


Used to remove ammonia based compounds. Particularly suitable for residential homes and vets:IQAir GCX AM


IQAir GCX Series Product Information
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